Interior Painter & Decorator


Hand painting furniture is a great way to give furniture a new lease of life and add a final touch to any room and, along with hand painting kitchens, is an excellent way to recycle perfectly serviceable items.

Hand Painted Furniture
Plain pine or beech chairs can be hand painted in any number of modern colours.
Pine drawers can be finished with a combination of paint and wood stain.

Tired looking furniture can be left natural by having the old coating stripped and then protected once again with fresh coats of stain, wax or oil. The chest of drawers pictured below was carefully sanded down, stained and oiled. The brasses were also cleaned.

Long Chest, Before and After
Before and after sanding, staining and oiling

I use the same techniques and products as I do when hand painting kitchens, i.e. high adhesion primers and top quality finishing products to give a lovely and durable finish. Please note that I will not use chalk paints and do not do ‘shabby chic’ finishes. Also, I am not a ‘furniture restorer’ and so do not do French polishing or re-upholstering.

Feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements.